Feel your best & improve your relationship with food

A refreshing experience and sound nutrition advice from Tamara Sarkisian, Registered Dietitian

Why work with a Registered Dietitian?

In Canada, Registered Dietitians are healthcare professionals regulated by provincial Colleges. This profession requires a University degree in Nutrition Sciences, a year of accredited internships, and completion of the national dietetic exam.

As a Dietitian, I can help you improve your relationship with food, develop healthier eating habits and help you prevent or manage chronic disease. Healthy eating starts in the kitchen- through proper planning and realistic goal setting, together we will make it your happy place.



Dietitian services are often covered by extended health care benefits, check your benefits to see if you’re covered.

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Hi, I'm Tamara!

I’m a registered dietitian, bilingual in both French and English. I’m passionate about all things food and believe that all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with simple ingredients to make easy, healthy and tasty meals. My passion for food has lead me to help others by simplifying cooking and allowing people to feel their best on their health journey.

My philosophy around health and nutrition encompasses a holistic approach. I help my clients to include and explore more nutritious foods in their diet, but I also strongly believe that ALL foods can fit. My goal is to help you improve your relationship with food and to reduce any stress around what to eat and how to prepare your food. 

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My Nutrition Philosophy

I approach nutrition with realistic and sustainable practices that best suit your needs. I believe that all foods can be part of a healthy diet, and discourage any restrictive eating patterns. My goal is to support you on your health journey and provide you with practical nutrition advice for long lasting success.


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My Areas of Expertise

Healthy and intuitive eating

Healthy and Intuitive Eating

Managing chronic diseases

Managing Chronic Diseases

Food allergies/celiac disease

Food Allergies/Celiac Disease

Recipe development

Recipe Development

Menu planning

Meal Planning

Women’s health

Women’s Health

Digestion and GI nutrition

Digestion and Gut Health



Family nutrition

Family Nutrition

- Valeria F

“After struggling with dieting for over a decade, I reached out to Tamara to help me build a healthier relationship with food for the sake of improving my overall health and wellness. Tamara's approach to food is nothing like your typical "diet", it's refreshing and framed in a way that actually makes you feel good about eating well. In a short amount of time I've already found myself thinking more positively about making better choices, without feeling restricted or guilty. "

- Paul R.

"It was a great experience from day one. Tamara was so friendly, helpful, and responsive to any questions I had. I learned a lot about the health benefits from each food group. Tamara also went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with my plan and schedule."

- Mariam F.

"My dietitian Tamara did a great job understanding and connecting my symptoms with certain foods. She was also very insightful about how other factors affect the body and the reaction to some foods. She was able to guide me through an easy to follow program that has helped me!"